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Chicago Bears Pre-Camp Preview

July 18, 2009

Hey gang, can you believe it’s already that time again?  That’s right!  The Bears will be reporting for camp before month’s end and thus starting the football season…at least for me!  So what are we looking at this year?  Where are our strengths, where are our weaknesses, and an overall forecast for the season.  You know, the usual suspects sort of stuff.

Let’s “kick-off” with Offense:

In an unprecedented move, like no other in Bears’ history, our beloved has gone out and secured a Top 5 quarterback in the likes of Jay Cutler. cutler I think that no matter what this guy does, he’ll be under a definite microscope called the Chicago media.  However, here at this blog, I’m deciding not to scrutinize Cutler as much as everyone else wants to.  He’s a crybaby, he’s a prima-donna, he’s all about the money, and garbage like that will not be used in this discussion.  Let everyone else be skeptical or unsure or just plain ignorant.  This guy’s a bonafide All-Pro quarterback with a serious pedigree.  I want to forget about the Jim Millers and Rex Grossmans of Chicago Bears past and focus on the future with a young, very talented quarterback.  The big question surrounding the Bears’ Offense is in Wide Receiver.  Rashied Davis is coming back this year as our top guy.  Is he the big play, deep-ball kind of guy?  Not sure yet, we’ll see this season.  Do I think he has the talent and the potential: YES!  I like the idea that the Bears may just have another ace up their sleeve by getting a decent free agent receiver, so we’ll see.  I’d love to see Marhsall or Burress in Bears uniforms by September, but hey, I’m not holding my breath.  Chicago football is all about the running game anyhow, which brings me to the backfield.  matt-forte1Forte showed he can do it and be a decent, consistent back.  A little bit of flash, but not much, just consisten carries and consistent yards.  I like that.  Teams get a back like Barry Sanders or Walter Payton and the next thing you know, every other area gets neglected on the offense and the focus becomes the running back.  The Bears need to build on an above average, consistent backfield and set up the passing game from there.  The Offensive Line for the Bears is looking better and better.  Talk of rookies has never been anything that’s bothered me.  We’ve had quite a few years of aging vets taking the reps and it’s time to build the line for the future.  I’m excited about what’s to come.

Urlacher_inside101507(8)Ok, let’s talk about what we’re known for: DEFENSE!

The most obvious thing about the Bears defense is that they have one of the best, if not THE best linebacking corps of any team in the new millenium.  Hillenmeyer, Briggs, and of course, Urlacher are strong, quick, and fundamentally sound.  They have struggled in the middle due to a defensive line that is pretty similar to pudding.  Probably the biggest criticism the Bears will face this pre-season is the performance of the D-Line last year.  From All-Pro to All-Schmo in a matter of a couple of years.  I was pretty sad to see, what I believed to be, the toughest line I’ve seen in a long time become nothing more than a big ole bunch of patsys.

Harris_inside091107I’m not hatin’ over here, but honestly, where’s the pass rush?  Where’s the penetration?  As exciting as Jay Cutler will most likely be, one fact will always remain here in Chicago:


I’m not asking for a miracle, but I’d love to see the best defense in the world return to its old ways.  I’m not even going to touch the Secondary right now.  We have solid corners that get burned once in a while rolling the dice and playing with some balls–I’m OK with that kind of play.  Let’s see how the safety positions shape up soon.

As far as Special Teams, my philosophy is, If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it.  Case in point.  Great return men, great blocking, great tackling–we’re most complete here so we can just SKIP IT!

Well, that’s just a small sample of what’s to come.  More Bears News to come as camp starts.  Stay tuned!!!

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